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You can register for the BaseCamp below. After registration you will be asked to pay 40€ in advance (if the event gets cancelled this money will be given back). You can only sign up for the full week! The price has not yet been set, but we aim to be around 70 euros. We do not yet know exactly how feasible this is, it is mainly an indication.

Date: 2 t/m 6 augustus
Location: X TU Delft, Mekelweg 8-10, 2628 CD Delft
Price: around 70€

There were some questions about if people can join for a part of the week. This is possible! But if BaseCamp is full, people who join a full week will have priority!

When joining part of the week you can also just use the link above, but you will have to send us an email ( with specific information about when you can join/not join.

In the end of Q4 you will get an email from us if you can join or if someone else got priority. After you are told you can join you will have to pay in advance the full amount (same amount you wouldve paid in advance when joining the whole week, 40€). After BaseCamp fininshed you will get money back for the days you weren’t able to join.

If you know someone who also only wants to join a half week and you both form a whole week, you can contact us. We will try to combne that then. In that case noone will get priority over you.